One nation, one nation
language, one coin.
Today it can be done.

One nation, one
nation language,
one coin.
Today it can be done.

If we manage to collect a minimum number of adhesions (I think at least 500 million can be considered sufficient), we can bring this initiative to international institutions and ask to study it.

The idea is as follows: to bring together the best technicians from all over the world in all fields (education, jurisprudence, sociology, food, environment, etc.) and instruct them to study and organize the world to come.

Here I do not want and I do not have to indicate what the ways are but I must ask to adhere to my proposal on the goals to be achieved: a single nation; Straight the essential primaries: home, personal freedom, minimum income; respect for the Earth and all its creatures.

Practically it is a question of organizing the future world on paper and providing the tools for the transition from the current to the designed one.

We can no longer accept wars, hunger, differences between us. We are all human beings, we should have the same rights and the same duties and there should be no discrimination based on place of birth.

There is well-being for everyone, you just need to organize it in the correct way.
Obviously to organize this transition will take fifty to a hundred years, but I prefer to think that one day everything can be fixed instead of trying to take small steps for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow but that do not change anything.


Would you like to live
in one nation, with one language and one currency?

In detail

Change, why not?

One nation, one language, one currency; it will take neither a year nor a decade but from fifty years to a century (at most). I can no longer stand the idea that all that is being done is to set changes that affect tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or at the latest next year. I want someone to tell me that you can put everything right and you are organizing to do it. Am I a visionary and a naïve? Maybe yes, but I would already be happy if this project could at least start.

At the beginning we should gather all the governments around a table and agree that, not for today, nor for tomorrow, but we must decide to begin to set the world to come.

At this point a large group of scholars representing the whole world is commissioned to lay the foundations of what we should become; only scientists and scholars of the different disciplines in charge of planning the world tocome. A world without barriers, without wars, without pollution, without limits.


What do we start from?

This study group should design everything: from the formula of government and election of the same to agricultural management, from the energy aspect to civil rights and so on.

It should also quantify the minimum standard of living to be guaranteed to anyone: housing, income, services; regardless of whether someone works or not and regardless of their disposable income or capital.
A single state cannot fail, just as it would not need any kind of tax.

Even the possible lack of manpower for production, because many would no longer like to work, could be solved by developing in the medium term robotic production tools (from raw materials to the finished product) or incentives for those who are willing to do so.

The above scholars could foresee
and organize
a virtuous system.


Any valid objection to the system thus conceived could be questioned by scholars and the system organized accordingly.
To manage the whole world at once, it should be fully wired and the information be instantaneous.

There would be no more military forces because there would be nothing to defend against or attack; there would only be a single police force to maintain order and enforce the law.


The starting point should be a common language, if we are all the same we should all speak the same language. We start with a generation and through school we teach the same language to everyone and within 50 years we will all understand each other and talk together.

Obviously not my generation and maybe not even the next one, but for sure we will guarantee our children a simpler world.

Together with the single government, of course,
there would be a single currency and a single nation.

We cannot consider ourselves a sentient species
as long as we accept that someone like us can starve to death
or live a life of difficulty that can be easily solved
as long as you all have access to available resources.

The founding principles should be as follows

The only nation presupposes that there are no more barriers or borders, anyone can go where he wants and live where he wants; the rules and laws must be the same for everyone and enforced rigorously. The only world nation would have the following advantages: a single language would eliminate the misunderstandings that exist today between peoples with different languages; a single currency would eliminate customs barriers, monetary policies and floating exchange rates; the free movement of persons would make it possible to rebalance the differences between different areas.

Let's just try to think what it would mean to bring together all the brightest minds in the world to solve the great problems that afflict us and have unlimited resources to face the problems of our day: diseases, energy resources, poverty, environment. I am convinced that within the famous 50 years to come we can create a civilization (at this point fully definable as such) that has solved everything.

We cannot consider ourselves a sentient species as long as we accept that someone like us can starve or live a life of difficulty that can be easily solved as long as we all have access to available resources.

Obviously there will always be someone or some group that considers itself more equal than the others and therefore will try to draw illicit benefits for itself, this is part of the human being and we can never eradicate it.

Any tradition, religious belief or ideology must and adapt to this development: everyone may be free to follow their own traditions, their own faith or their own ideas, but this and will not have to oppose the others in any way or put themselves in antithesis. We must not be afraid of losing our culture or our past but consider this an opportunity to create a better society from all points of view.

I realize that those who are benefiting from the well-being of today's society will not be so willing to accept change, just as those who today have nothing to lose will be much more available; even I myself would have difficulty accepting a distortion overnight. Also for this reason I believe that the horizon of 50 years to design and start this idea are also adequate for the purposes of its acceptance.

I know that many will only make excuses for not trying and will say that it is impossible and unrealizable, but I do not look for excuses. I want hope, especially for those who have none today.